Small lunch break (to turn in the hotel) from the Venus and I was something of "rattig" that I megageorgen had to worry about :) But what do I do because I simply in the taxi and jerk me. I'm getting more and more cheeky. The taxi driver did not bother me and it has mega geil pleased that I so publicly jerked me. Luckily I can get quickly :) Until the hotel and I was finished;) In the hotel but was still rotated;)

That was already the hammer! So much fans on the Venus to see and live to be there. That really got me excited. Then I massaged in the break in the taxi my little teen tease and then straight into the hotel room with the new toys. Then it was really going on. I was gagged the first time in life and with the new riding whip there is neat on the ass and the pussy. But that was not enough then I am mega anal fucked in my teeniearsch. He then fucked me full with sperm - everything in the face - wow was the cool.

Venus was so hot and I had so much fun with my fans that I was constantly wet and horny. I am then with my "Kameramann" out to make a break. He had the food to eat and I just started to wank;) So he holds the camera in one hand and eats his breadwurst with the other while I am satisfied - as were then finished at the same time;) He with the food and me with my orgasm :)))) But that is just the Venus - easy, cool and horny;) I hope you like the small clip :)

This was very hot, my first holiday in Italy :) Apart from the beautiful landscape, it was just right. I am so in bed and relax, because I suddenly suddenly grabbed and violently anal ragendommen :) first I thought "what is now going on" but then I became something of horny and could let me fall fully :) and then he squirts me a fold on the small pussy and the close pole and continue :)

What came at night I would not have thought of :) the first came over me the horniness and I was so fucked mega and then I had to ride with the cock in it suddenly piss - wow was the cool :) but it went on - I had me a new toy bought;) so I took him so really anal;) ??wow! That was so mega geil I then him again smelt and then again had to come. Sequel follows …

Not for the fainthearted what he does with me. In part 2, I am handcuffed and extremely hard with my toys penetrated. Then I have to do it with the big toys myself - all tied up. I groan loudly and I find it mega geil so defenseless to be. A short trailer of the last and third part of my first user meeting will follow. But one thing is certain there will be lots of user meetings!

I wanted to enjoy the nice weather and went for a walk in the forest. When I then had to pee I have nicely crouched and the warm ray has made the floor wet. Suddenly the "forester" comes and catches me. As I already had the panties down there was then a nice blowjob and later a nice fuck in the forest - what should I say I love the summer.

"Hello my name is Jenny" and already he had pushed me to the wall and 2 minutes later I had his cock in my wet teeniemuschi. So it started and it went on immediately. It was like a cockworm without a break, he turned me as he wanted and then I had to blow and properly until he unloaded his first "mega" load in my mouth. I was surprised, only a bit timid and then so wet that I could not take it. It was the start for 2 horny afternoons. Here comes Part 1 and Part 2 follows tomorrow ...

Da trifft man sich kurz für eine Besprechung und was passiert da bei mir? Ich werde wieder mal mega nass im Höschen ;) Also schnell das Höschen aus und dann schiebt er auch schon den harten Schwanz rein :) War das geil und dann dreht er mich einfach um und fickt mich hart in doggy :) und nochmal, wow war das mega geil. Vollgespritzt und befriedigt konnte dann die Besprechung folgen!