Hi there, something new and special today. I got two toys from a nice user. (Thanks again for this: *) which of course I had to test out of curiosity. At the beginning I was a little skeptical, especially with the first little part I didn't know how to use it. But never mind, I don't read a manual for a sex toy. I can do it alone. So just try it out. I had a lot of fun with the second toy that I actually already knew. But have a look how I do it myself with the little fun machines. And whether I have reached the climax, well you can see in the video. : * Greetings Jessii

I really wanted to try something completely new, I've never done anything like this ... but it was really cool! Because otherwise I always try to relax and let go completely when I come. But today I want to try it together with you as quickly and hornily as possible. Do you think you can do it? To really make me squirt ... OMG! I can already see it in front of my eyes, you kneel in front of me and suck really nice on my little wet pussy, your tongue caresses my clit and I shake with lust! Let's finally do it now, I don't want to wait anymore. Oh, I'm so curious how long it will take me and how it will feel ... and after that it's your turn, I haven't forgotten you. I want to know which of us is faster? Are you accepting the challenge, hihii?

Welcome to my personal unusual training. ^^
First of all I want to say that it has nothing to do with sport ...
I want to get this one huge glass plug in, but for that I have to train my butt. ;)
For too long, I have not really asked for the ass,
but that is changing now! : D
"Armed" with a plug, a pump plug, an XXL dildo and a massage stick, I get to work and stretch my little ass nicely ...
Step by step, from the normal plug to the pump plug, from there to the XXL dildo to the head of the massage stick.
When the fat thing was finally in, I was relieved and a little horny ... - so I switched on the massage stick! ... ^^

Oh yes, that was a really big, wet spot between my legs on the gray leggings… —- Today I was extremely horny. But alone. I was currently wearing my gray leggings (of course, as always without panties ^^) and made myself comfortable on the couch. I felt all the time that I was really horny and my pussy was really wet. So I just got my horny, vibrating toy and put it on my cunt. Mmm, that feels good! I continued to rub the toy, put it through the leggings in my pussy and felt that my leggings was getting wet and wet. The stain between my legs was getting bigger. Oh yes, it made me so horny that I brought myself to the hot sugar orgasm. Wow, what a great feeling !! Have fun with the video and I am very happy about your rating! Kiss, Sarah: *

Pooh it's been ages since I was really fucked. I have to admit I am missing quite a bit. But let's not fall into self-pity, after all I have a lot in my toy box ;-) And today I'm really up for something big, so I just take my 25 cm dildo and ride it off nicely. Oh yes, that's exactly what I needed. But convince yourself of how awesome it makes me and especially how deep it goes into my tight hole. Whether I would ride your cock the same way ;-) Kiss your Mia

Haii my dear, here is finally my 2nd clip I hope you like it: * I love sperm incredibly, I prefer to rub it on my big boobs and massage it with it. I have a new toy a nice big thick bulwark with which I can now suck myself every day, what is there hotter .. hmm well unless you would me full of Wixxer hihi Wixx with me and finally spray me mega full

It is again so far that my cunt has to be trained hard. In the I am defenseless and I am silenced with a tail in my mouth. The dirty pig fucked my mouth nicely and controlled the machine at the same time. My cunt tingled more and more from the poking and I almost hosed down. My is helpless and is punished slowly and then quickly again. I got this dirty number right and that's what I looked like in the end.

It has finally arrived! Thank you again, I was really happy;) As you will see in the video, I was really horny and even sprayed 2 times out of my little pussy. The combination of the horny thick dildo and the horny vibrator really gave me the rest and made me come super horny! First of all I stuff my pussy pretty extensively with the hot and especially pink giant dildo. Because that's not enough, I add my new favorite vibrator and fuck myself in ecstasy! What a cool and especially wet highlight ... I've never experienced anything like this with a toy * - *

Well my darling, wasn't the right present under your Christmas tree again? I give you my full attention and above all my body including my 3 fuck holes! I want to be YOUR little Christmas angel and take care of you and your hot cock ONLY today. Unpack me, sit back and enjoy being pampered by me. Let me sweeten your Christmas and give you what you wanted all year long! Kiss your Merry and a Merry Christmas!