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As horny latex bitch with nylon stockings, extremely high fuck-me heels and a plug in my ass, I give myself to the latex master. He inspects my cunt first and finds that it is slutty wet already. Then I can start to blow his cock nice and stiff. I suck and lick his balls and spoil his cock with my tongue. I help with a lot of my mouth juice so that everything is nice and moist.
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Master takes some time to train me further. All in black latex, I'm turned into a helpless fuck pet.
My arms and legs are tied tightly to useless stumps with bondage tape. The ballet heels on my legs are additionally attached to my waist with chains. Totally motionless, I am ready for an extreme treatment of my fuck holes.
With a big dildo it starts in my cunt, followed by the terrible spreadable metal plug, which painfully stretches my pussy.
Then an anal hook comes in my asshole and is firmly attached to my headgear, so that really the last rest of freedom of movement is gone.
The master works on my cunt with a metal plug while he vibrates my clit hard with the Wand. A violent squirt orgasm doesn’t take long.
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Even a latex bitch like me needs a holiday :)
I rented a boat in Malta and of course I went out in latex. But somehow I feel naked when my horny holes are not stuffed. So my latex dildo pants with two inflatable dildos for asshole and pussy are just right.
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My friend Helen is a young slut who is very open-minded for horny games. So I decided to give her a lesson in bondage and submission.
I slip her sexy legs into the ballet splints and command her to walk in them. She struggles to stand up and even more struggles to walk properl.
I order her back to the sofa and put on a leather monoglove. It turns out that she is very flexible in her hands. Without any problems I can completely close the monoglove until her elbows touch behind her back.
So bound I let her walk around again, before it's time to work on her cunt.
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My pussy and ass is again filled with the steel balls from the bondage string and additionally the remote controlled bullet plug in my pussy. From my fetish shoe cabinet I have to select various heels to further improve my walking abilities.
After some walking training master hands me the black crutches and starts binding them onto my arms with Vetrap. He also starts to bind my knees to the crutches, forcing my legs to be more straight in the cruel heels.
Heavy bound like that, I get the instruction to walk, what is now close to impossible.
After some time he master lifts me up and lays me with the back on the sofa, still bound to the crutches.
He activates the remote controlled bullet vibrator in my pussy. The intense vibration brings me quick to first orgasm.
Than I have to give him a throat fuck. The bullet plug is still activated, and so I come a second time during the blow job. Finally I get my masters cum all over my face...

Helen had asked me to help her deflower her ass. Sure I was happy to help, as I now know all too well how hot it feels to having toys up there or to be fucked in there.
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Once again I may serve the master as a three-hole slut.
In playsuit, corset, stockings, golden glitter platform heels and a crystal plug in the ass, I'm waiting to get
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Recently I got a new piercing in my horny crotch. A Fourchette piercing is directly between asshole and pussy.
It is said that one's own juices particularly support wound healing. Therefore, I thought that it can’t be wrong when I let my own piss run over the new piercing.
You can watch me steering the piss to my cunt with my hand. I have set up a bowl below me, so that my piss is collected after the shower. I pour two more times the piss over my cunt, so that the piercing is really nicely disinfected.
I'm surprised how hot it makes me, when the lukewarm piss runs over my cunt. I can not help it and I have to put a few fingers in my hot cunt.
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Finally, I put my hand back in the pussy and I orgasm with an intense squirt.