In this video I go for you on my knees and give a nice blowjob. He came over my face as the crowning glory! :) My self-confidence in the whole thing here has increased enormously and I really enjoy doing something together with you. I have many other ideas & wishes, which you will get to see little by little. With your comments you always help me a lot! There is always useful advice and lots of good feedback on what motivates us. Express yourself! Shaiden

Today it was time: I spontaneously got a visit from a good friend and entrusted me that I am recently registered with MyDirtyHobby. He was so surprised and curious how I got that. Our conversation went some time and I came up with the idea, because you have often asked me for a sex video, if he would not like to share this experience with me. I was alone and it was the perfect opportunity. The result is my first, short sex clip and I'm really curious how your ratings and / or comments will turn out. I really hope that I have not disappointed you! :)