Lost bet! Popping instead of shopping (Maja-Meer)


Finally weekend and I lie down relaxed on the sofa. Suddenly my roommate is standing in the living room. I do not know exactly why but I have an idea and I would really like to shop again, only I currently lack the money. So I make a bet with my roommate. If I win the next game he'll go shopping with me, of course at his own expense .. if I lose he can fuck me! Well, what can I say? It was very close but I lost and betting debts are honor debts, so he can go .. But the thought during the game also excited me so much that I might have lost on purpose, hehe. But I also want to be fair and that's why I try hard: blow, ride, doggy! N / A? Would you like to place a bet with me too? ;)

Starring: Maja-Meer
Categories: BBW, Big Tits, Teens
Length: 7:23
Type: FLV


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