Seduced my former teenage crush to cheat with me after our highschool reunion! (MaryHaze)

OMG, I still can't believe this actually happened after all these years! For most of my teenage years I had a head over heels crush on him, but back then I was way too shy to even talk to him! He was one year older and was put into my class at that time, a mysterious, rather quiet guy, tall with dark hair and just the sight of him made me daydream! Then he moved away and I never saw him again... I hadn't expected him to come to the reunion at all, but when he stood there in front of me, my heart was suddenly pounding like crazy again! The difference: Now I am not so shy anymore and we got along great! He had since gotten engaged, but I just couldn't let this unique opportunity pass by! And so he came home with me after the reunion, where I was able to show him what I had learned since school!

Starring: MaryHaze
Categories: Big Dick, Creampie, Pussy
Length: 7:30
Type: FLV


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