Cuckold! Watch your wife get pregnant! (Alexandra-Wett)

My husband's best friend was at my house because he still had the stove fixed. I am totally addicted to the cock and I grab his pants. He was totally shocked. However, when I pushed his cock deep in my mouth, there was no turning back. Brazenly I sit on his hard-blown cock and get exactly what I need now: The guy kneaded my tits and licked my nipples. He had forgotten my husband for a short time. When I get to orgasm, the apartment door suddenly opens and my husband is right in front of us. My fucking partner, who was deep inside me, didn't know how to react. I only know that my husband is a little perverted pig and likes something like that. Of course, he would never admit that. But he only really misses one when I get fucked hard in front of his eyes. But he only gets into full swing when he can sip my other man's sperm out of my cunt. Only then will his cock get really hard and he can squirt. Sometimes you just have to push your limits to have some great fun.

Starring: Alexandra-Wett
Categories: Big Dick, Dirty-Talk, Orgy
Length: 7:44
Type: FLV


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