Hot pillow fight leads to hot sex! My 1st foursome! (SirenaSweet)

Actually it was only supposed to be a girls' evening but then it turned out quite differently. We were sitting in the living room talking about men when Emily suddenly came up to me armed with a pillow and the normal girls' evening turned into a hot pillow fight. It was so funny but also extremely hot when we gradually tore each other's clothes off. A little later, someone rang the doorbell, the neighbor wanted to complain about the noise but before he could say anything Steffi dragged him into the apartment and he was totally shocked when we opened the door to him naked. Three naked hot girls and an attractive man who had no chance to escape us. It was then extremely cool when he was allowed to fuck us all in the pussy. Would you have dared to do that too or would you have run away?

Starring: SirenaSweet
Categories: Blowjobs, Gangbang, Teens
Length: 9:52
Type: FLV


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