Selfie or sex? Gum off! I want you naked! (Dirty-Tina)

He had won this fan meeting and was obviously overjoyed with this meet and greet with me. When I signed him the autograph cards, he asks me for a selfie. That's why he's here. So on to the selfie shoot. And since he was incredibly shy, I asked him to grab him and touch me. I'm not aloof and I'm looking for closeness to my fans. And with the "touch" he has then understood the same. He could not know that it started tingling with me right away. But after the first kiss, I knew that he was probably the same. And what then became of the fan meeting? Phew, probably one of my hottest numbers, because I was just uninhibited horny on his cock. And I wanted to feel it naked and pure. In the middle of the fuck I take off the rubber and let him fuck on blank. Because I wanted to feel his sperm to the finale in me. More closeness to the fan is not it? When will you come to meet and greet with me ??

Starring: Dirty-Tina
Categories: Big Dick, Blowjobs, Creampie
Length: 18:02
Type: FLV


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