Take me, I need it. (wetleila)


I stand on something like that, just be taken and me then beschbe to stout. After we had dinner and he brought me home, he wanted his reward, but I was tired! But that did not interest him and so he pushed me on his knees, pulled out his cock and stuffed it in my mouth. I bled him so well I could, but that was not enough for him and so he uses me, used my mouth blowing as a cunt, literally fucked my face, always, again and again deep into my throat. until he squirted in my mouth. But it was not over yet, it continued to thunder. He took me, pushed me into the bedroom and there it went dirty. It was awesome, I came several times ....

Starring: wetleila
Categories: Blowjobs, Dirty-Talk, Extreme Hardcore
Length: 5:26
Type: FLV


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