PUSH TO UNTIL I SYRINGE - My 1.Squirt Explosion (Lana-Giselle)


Pooh I can tell you, stuff like that I had NEVER !!! Did not what happened to me ... the engraver had already previously made on thick trousers and bet that he will fuck me to absolute ecstasy. It also all started innocently enough but when I on all fours Place me in doggy before him, he begins to really put to encounter in my little pussy. It has somehow only tingled and then a feeling of excessive horniness has slowly constructed in me. He has ever happened and probably already noticed beating the somehow it was always wet. Near the end I went so come to the climax that I had my very first squirt ever !!! It was a MEGA orgasm and the juice does not stop out of me to shoot, so horny I was at that moment. But as the bedding in retrospect looked hihi So was it again Waschtag in Lana)

Starring: Lana-Giselle
Categories: Blonds, Extreme Hardcore, Squirting
Length: 6:06
Type: FLV


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