Babysitter surprised and fucked hard (Lana-Giselle)

Had just the little ones to bed and wanted to make it up with a glass of wine while babysitting cozy when suddenly the father sooner comes than planned from work to home ... Of course, he was not enthusiastic about the alcohol and that I was dressed like me because I had someone expects. Since his wife was still on the way, and he wanted to fuck me a long time, he took it easy and punished me with a real hard fuck and put me first 1, then 2 then 3 then 4 fingers in my little tight pussy fucked me in all positions and splashed me with all his pent-up sperm. I know that he rarely gets sex from his wife so I could make my gaffe well again and he even edit a little teeny pussy :)

Starring: Lana-Giselle
Categories: Big Tits, Rough sex, Teens
Length: 8:53
Type: FLV


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