DOMINANT WIXX RELIEF: You'll never get that! (Josy-Black)

Well you little Wixxer, tonight already gewixxt? Sit down and take your cock off. Now will be gewixxt after instructions! Today someone else sets the tone. Sure your cock jerks already loud lust, BUT first you can only watch, as I rub my pussy & my big tits massage. Only when you can no longer clearly think of pure lust, you will be told how you fuck me and what you should do with me. If you are on the command, but you should not stick to it, you will get lashes & the tone will be much harder & stricter. So sit back and follow the instructions. Let's see how long you can keep it!

Starring: Josy-Black
Categories: Female Domination, Fetish, High Heels
Length: 6:57
Type: FLV


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