I've seen it with my girlfriend that it works and it seems like these orgasms are even more blatant than normal for her! I just have to try it to know how it feels, so I just follow their squirt tutorial. Well, whether my little Teenymuschi can do that too? I have followed everything she has told me and have worried me like in the past ... phew I had soooo a blatant orgasm! No, it was two ... hihi if I managed to cum, you can tell me! In any case, it was really cool!

I've finally managed to persuade my crush from the lecture on a date, even if it's just Skype. He is so cute and when he saw me in my dress during the break, he really wanted to chat with me after the lecture. I was so nervous and upset in the beginning, but he was so laid back and fully chilled. It all went too fast for me somehow and I felt he was picking me up. He showed me everything and wanted to see everything and I stupid did it. When I arrived at the lecture the next day, everybody looked so funny and then in the lecture my friend showed me the video. Such an ass !!! Well now that I have it I can show it to you ...

Boah I had such a busy day and after class just need a relaxation ... I find it very nice to stroke me, to feel my hand between my tender thighs. puke the kitzlet pretty, but is pretty cool :) That makes me mega to know that you watch me while I knead my breasts. They fit perfectly in my little hands hehe but the thought that they are yours makes my little nipples really hard. oh man I'll be pretty horny ... you not too?

I'm always awesome lately when I go to sleep and in the morning my panties volll with my pussy juice. Yesterday it was so blatant, I really had a dream as I get it myself, only I can not really tell if it was just a dream, how I stroke my little sweet plum through my panties and feel how dripping wet she is, or is it real ?! I did it, took my toy and pushed it deep in my little pussy. OMG! It was so intense and so intense, my legs were so shaky when I arrived and I had to moan sooooo loud. Hihi I hope my roommate did not hear me xD

Berlin is such a beautiful city, especially if you look at it from the top. I climbed to one of the highest points and again had only nonsense in my head. How would it be if I refined this beautiful spot? I wonder if anyone in the gym is in there and sees me outside, as I am quite uninhibited pee. What people think when they see my whole pee running down the stairs hehe. Such a mess Lol How would you have reacted if you had seen me?

What a shitty day in the classroom ... Teachers just got annoyed and the day was so exhausting. I have to come down first and have some time for myself. When I arrived home and my roommate was not there, I threw myself directly on the bed and stroked me first ... :) that is sooo good and I notice directly, as I come down. Too bad that I was alone, but I know what I like hihi ... When I spoil my delicate body true I heard the key my roommate, but I did not care, my little nipples were so hard and my panties so wet from my sweet juice phew ... Madness like my fingers in my tight pussy flutschen. Do you want to relax with me to climax?

I'm pretty excited, this is the first time I'm doing that. This is the first time that I show my pussy completely in the camera LoL XD I have already seen many pussies of other girls in porn, but it is still crass and exciting to show my pussy so directly in the camera. I hope that she likes you and that your fantasies go through just as well as mine. I have so many fantasies in my head, what you could do with her, but I want to hear it all from you! Do not you want to heat up my head cinema? Describe what's wrong with you ...

I'm really excited to write this text. I had promised my sister not to do any complete naked videos, but I wanted to show it to you. I just feel like seducing you with my voice and my petite body. My girlfriend who filmed that was also very skeptical at the beginning but I do not care because I'm 18 and can decide for myself and do what I want. I just hope that my mom does not find this on the internet hihi ... How do you like my sweet little tits?