OMG !!! Rubber burst and sprayed clean (HollyBanks)

I was in a cool nudist bar recently. Since I was there too early, there was only one other guest in front of the counter. After a short Smalltalk, it was clear: We two now want a threesome with the bartender ... Since we did not have to get rid of any more clothes, it started directly and I had both cocks in the mouth. Then both fucked me by turns, while I have blown the other horny. What happened then, is not ... The bartender fucked me so hard that his gum broke and he sprayed me all his load in the pussy. OMG !!! What now? I rinsed my pussy directly and got the pill afterwards. I did a health test directly the next day. Luckily everything is alright. Now I'm anxiously waiting to get my days ... Did something like that ever happen to you?

Starring: HollyBanks
Categories: Blowjobs, Creampie, Threesome
Length: 8:56
Type: FLV


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