Finally sex again! HollyBanks is back! (HollyBanks)

Yes, it was a damn long break, but I honestly could not stand it anymore. Soooo long without sex, without GOOD sex. And that's where User Andy-Star came in handy. He was up for me and I just could not say no to the treat. And it was just fine that my girlfriend had DirtyTina shooting day. So opportunity used to finally fuck again. Oh one did that well again to feel a cock in me. Doggy, ride off, lick, blow ... once the whole program. And finally he injects me his cream on the nylons fat on it. And yes, more will come from me, promise !!

Starring: HollyBanks
Categories: Blowjobs, Close Ups, Stockings
Length: 8:26
Type: FLV


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