Today I got the last New Year's Eve purchases because my girls and I want to let it go. When the nice seller asks me if I need help, I have my number cheekily given because he can help me with my fucking lust. While he is still at work the rest of the time, we write (messed up so that he knows what to adjust to) and make an appointment to fuck with me right after finishing work. And what's going on can be seen in this video.

Already in training he stared at me all the time, and it made me horny to be observed secretly. After that he even came to my locker room. Brazen, but brave! Whether he expected me to grab his cock, blow it off and let me fuck deep in my asshole for the 1st time? If he stares at it, he can put it in there, right? At least I think so. This feeling is incredible and I definitely want it more often now !! Attention, the cumshot unfortunately turns a little red, but no wonder with such a thick cock. If you don't like it, don't look at it!