The other day I was at a castle .. it looked really opulent and luxurious, but the rooms were very badly soundproofed and our room was not particularly convenient either. If you wanted to go out to the side exit, you almost passed by there. That would be a reason for many to behave calmly, but not for me ;-) if I'm horny, then I want to fuck, and then nothing stops me :-) and since I was really hot, he was allowed to me too inject into the mouth!

OMG, no idea how that worked, but I really had no sex for a whole 4 WEEKS alone at the thought of a hard cock, I was so wet that I just had to do it, I had to fuck .. and it was sooo good, his horny cock in my pussy. Is that normal or am I too spoiled? Is that the same with you? Incidentally, the yellow heels were a user gift and were solemnly "fucked" ;-)