The sperm bank physician is pumped full instead of the sample cup. And now?!? (MellyBunnyLuder)

Last week, Mrs. and Mr. Kuntz came to our seed bank practice. His sperm should be examined for quality, because he wanted to register as a donor. Had great genes. So I brought him to our little practice-Wichszimmer with laptop as a "tool". Here were already taken some tails in the hand. I told him to jerk off into the white mug so we could examine his sperm. After 2 minutes he calls me! Oops, what's up? There is a laptop in the room for porn from the internet !!! Why call? He could not jerk off and certainly not cum. Is that a trap for me ??? Should I watch him jerk off? Sometimes I listen to the door of the room and imagine how the patient is holding his cock in his hand. Looking at a porn and wanking his cock nicely! Does he even think of me, the medical assistant? The few dare to call for me, because her wife is sitting in the waiting room :-) Bravely wank in the room and the faithful wife or girlfriend sits next door. What do you think happened after he called me? Could I help him?

Starring: MellyBunnyLuder
Categories: Close Ups, Creampie, Dirty-Talk
Length: 6:16
Type: FLV


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