My first time public sex escalated (Hümeyra-Ophelia)

I was today nicely dressed slutty with mega high heels on the way home when such a cute guy appeals to me. Actually, I wanted to go further, but then he just starts to fumble on me. Somehow that was very exciting and I got involved with him. In the middle of the street I blow his hard cock and let me fuck him horny of him, but then it happens, we are caught by ner old woman. Strangely enough, we are not bothered by the old woman's pussies and we keep on fucking horny. But it does not stay with a breakdown ..... what happened in the end is just crass ...

Starring: Hümeyra-Ophelia
Categories: High Heels, Outdoor Sex, Public
Length: 7:36
Type: FLV


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