Rubber ripped after family party! Did he want to impregnate me? (schnuggie91)

Oh my God!!! What did I do ?! We used to be inseparable and even stayed in a bed together. My half-family was in the living room when he pressed my head to his cock. On the one hand, that was too risky for me and somehow it did not feel right. On the other hand, the situation has made me so extremely wet that I wanted to feel his hard cock inside me. In no case did I want to get pregnant and I insisted on a condom. In the middle of it suddenly felt different and he just meant that the condom is torn. Fuck! It was just so extremely cool that I let him carry on. But what happened next I can not believe until today. What do you think? Did he want to impregnate me on purpose ???

Starring: schnuggie91
Categories: Blondes, Booty, Creampie
Length: 8:35
Type: FLV


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