Beach tourist when caught wanking, double-Entsamung! (Alexandra-Wett)

Oh how cool was that !? Multiple splash fucks me uncontrollably on the beach by and squirts zweimel in my holes .. madness !!!! Mega-cum-tsunami! I wanted a quiet spot on the beach looking for because I had to urgently pee. So I climb into the next small bay and to my horror I see a guy just wants a wag of the palm. Boaaah what a hot fuck-tail, I thought only. Since I could no longer restrain myself, I just took off my panties in front of him and peed going, then he asked me if he could lick my wet pussy. In Turnt of this hot cock, I sat down with my wet pussy piss on his face. He licks my hole clean and I was so hot that I just wanted to feel his hard cock in my cunt until he reinspritzt everything deep in me. The whole Ficksoße ran out of my cunt down on his tail. And he fucked still further. What a cool mud slide !!! With relish, I lick then clean his vollgespermten Schmodder tail including pussy juice. He thunders from suddenly a second charge.

Starring: Alexandra-Wett
Categories: Creampie, Cunnilingus, Golden Showers
Length: 6:09
Type: FLV


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