Public double departure in the bus (DaddysLuder)

I was once again on the bus, but unlike the last time when only the two men squirted I came to the climax twice today! And again it was really cool because my friend had nothing other than to get me somehow naked and I had thanks to my show lust at the end then two beautiful orgasms. But it is also always an experience when I bare things with naked breasts and dropped pants instead of the other women only at home drifting in bed. Even at the stops, I did not care if we stop or not, because I had turned on the exhibitionist mode and therefore my jeans remained very cheeky bottom! After I had two public departures, my friend also wanted to get better and demand more and more naked skin from me. Of course I took part and showed the tits, ass and of course my freshly arrived pussy. Hopefully, this is not just my lover on it ?!

Starring: DaddysLuder
Categories: Hairy, Public, Tiny Titties
Length: 7:11
Type: FLV


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