Newly married craftsman seduced! (squirt_dragon)

Had a craftsman in the house, all the time came from him: My wife .. blaaah .. freshly married ... just from honeymoon ... blaahh ... love my wife ... blaahhh ... she is so good. .. blaaaa .... my wife ... blah blah blah .. I was just about to turn, actually did not interfere me his wife or He. But a girl can not let it sit down. He did not really react to my flirts (which were only there to test how faithful he is). When he needed more time and wanted to meet after his work with his wife, he asked if he could take a shower. Sure, * grin * I put on a horny outfit and surprised him when drying, when I held his cock in his hand, I realized how faithful he was ... Let's see if he is still so convinced by his wife than He was fucked ...

Starring: squirt_dragon
Categories: Blowjobs, Latex/Leather, Pussy
Length: 4:15
Type: FLV


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